These procedures are an option in patients who are unsuitable for corneal procedures (LASIK, PRK) due to a thin corneal profile or a very high refractive error.

ICL & IPCL can be compared to contact lenses which are worn over the eye. But unlike contact lenses, which require to be worn and removed every day, the ICL and IPCL lenses are surgically implanted directly into the eye. This is a once-in-a-lifetime procedure.

ICL and IPCL can correct very high refractive errors, even those above the reach of LASIK. The surgery is very safe, and in experienced hands, gives excellent results. Unlike other surgeries, it is also completely reversible.

At Laxmi, we take special care in selecting and customizing the correct lens size using Scheimpflug technology, optical biometry which help to measure the horizontal size of the eye and the various other complex measurements required for customizing the size of the lens. Surgery is done in our state-of-the-art operation theatre complex. Recovery time is very short, and patients can enjoy eagle eye vision – something they may never have experienced before!

  1. Once the lens is inside my eye, Will it hurt? Will it be seen from the outside?
    The ICL or the IPCL are designed to perfectly match the shape of your eye. The lens sits comfortably behind your iris tissue and on top of your natural lens without causing any discomfort. It is not visible to naked eye and can only be seen through a ophthalmic microscope.
  2. What are the precautions I have to undertake after the implantation?
    After the surgical procedure routine eye drops will be started. You will need to visit the consultant on day 2, day 7 and then 1 month after the surgery. These visits are important to check the location and the position of the lens inside the eye and to measure the intraocular pressure.